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Rock Maze


Here are 8 sentences with which you may agree or disagree. Rate from 1 to 7 your degree of agreement or disagreement.

Please be open and honest with yourself!

7_I strongly agree

6_I agree

5_I somewhat agree

4_I neither agree nor disagree

3_I somewhat disagree

2_I disagree

1_I strongly disagree


  • I feel satisfied with who I am and where I am in my life.

  • I refuse to let disappointments ruin my day.

  • I feel strongly connected to others and I do not feel isolated.

  • I tend to think logically and optimistically.

  • I do not hold grudges and I can forgive others, even when they do not live up to my expectations.

  • I feel like I have control over my emotions and thoughts.

  • I have a sense of humor and I can laugh at the twists and turns of life.

  • I feel more grateful for how my life is now than concentrating on what is missing from it.


The Total Score (the sum of scores) is also the Index of your emotional well-being.

Go ahead and Discover it!

51-56: Rarely high levels of emotional well-being

46-50: High levels of emotional well-being

40-46: Satisfactory levels of emotional well-being

32-39: Moderate levels of emotional well-being

24-31: Low levels of emotional well-being

16-23: Quite low levels of emotional well-being

Under 15: Absence of emotional well-being



The Wellness Project

The goal of The Wellness Project is to help you raise awareness, increase motivation and continue to build skills in order to make well-being a daily reality, regardless of your physical potential and functionality.

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