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Image by Sarah Dorweiler


It is not easy to prosper and feel balanced in today's world. Modern frantic rhythms and productivity demands, already from childhood, create enormous physical, emotional and spiritual pressure. Our health is usually the area of our lives affected. Often, without warning.

Ask yourself:

  • Are you satisfied by your time management?

  • Do you spend enough time with your family and friends?

  • Do you dedicate time to yourself?

  • Do you have enough energy to fulfill all your obligations?

  • Do you sleep 7-8 hours per day?

  • Do you have a quiet sleep or keep tossing and turning all night?


If you answer “No” to some of these questions, it is time to prioritize wellness and fill up your health reserves. The key to well-being is balance. Balance in all eight areas in the cycle of Wellness.


Before the energy reserves run out, before we get to a burn-out, before disease appears, then it is time to act and reprogram our health.



For everyone, the highest point of well-being is different; it depends on their individual needs, experiences, personality and situations. As we walk through life, many things will happen that will set us off balance.

During the Wellness Coaching sessions, you will succeed at:


1.      Creating your vision upon life.

2.      Defining your unique potential and areas of development.

3.      Initiating your journey to wellness.

4.      Discovering more healthy options.

5.      Making more conscious choices.


As a Health and Wellness Coach and a Pharmacist, I offer a unique approach to holistic well being; Mental, physical and spiritual.  I will help you find that part of yourself which you have neglected; restore it and keep it healthy. Become your more true and healthy self.

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