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Weight loss is an issue which bothers a great percentage of the population daily. Most of them want to lose weight fast and easily. Protein diets, low calories diets ... Someone may have followed a proper diet plan and lost weight but in the process did not maintain this change. Others turn to fasting so as not to gain weight. They are all behaviors.

Food is found in the center of our lives. Food nourishes us. Through it we get all the nutritious vitamins which allow us to perform our vital functions. What happens if we do not choose the right food or for the right reasons?


Health Coaching is one of the most effective methods that can help you change your behavior in terms of weight loss and maintenance and generally change your approach to diet.



The Coaching process will inspire the individual to live a healthier lifestyle and help them understand why. They will find out exactly which behaviors and why push them into specific dietary choices and will lead to them finding alternatives to those choices. The weight management process is not one-dimensional. We cannot change everything overnight. Change is slowly coming to a standstill.


During the Health Coaching sessions:

1.      First we evaluate the readiness for change. When someone decides they want to lose weight, they are not always ready to change. The purpose of the Coach is to encourage the individual to change and plan an action plan with him.

2.      Motivational Interview. Through questions and discussion we will activate your motivation for change.

3.      Targeted smart goals. You will definitely have a desire in relation to your weight which we call a goal. "I want to lose weight." This is a long-term goal that in order to achieve it, one must create measurable | achievable | realistic goals and actions each time. Every little new action creates new emotions, a new experience that slowly settles and becomes a habit.

4.      You learn. In addition to mobilizing, encouraging, and setting goals, Health Coaches and healthcare professionals need to train their customers on the right dietary options (how to structure a proper dietary dish, read food labels, which foods to avoid and why).

Diet Plan

Coaching & Dieticians


Health Coaching along with the help of a dietician can work perfectly when it comes to weight loss. They work simultaneously in an autonomous and complementary way.


During the Coaching process we shall assess when you are ready to follow a specific dietary plan. When this happens, I am in collaboration with nutritionists in Athens and Crete who can structure a diet plan ideal for you, while at the same time in the context of Coaching we will be monitoring your eating behavior.



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