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Wellness is the experience of living life with awareness, conscious choices,  self-acceptance, connection, love, meaning and purpose.

Michael Arloski



Wellness is a dynamic process acquired day by day. It is not just a destination.    It is not just about healthy people or people with a disease.


Wellness, ("Ευεξία" – "Aev-aeksía" in Greek) comes from the words  "Aev" and "Aéksi", translating into good habit in Greek. The word derives from the prefix "AeV", meaning good in ancient Greek and from the word "Aéksi" ["éksis" in ancient Greek] meaning habit, coming from the verb "Aécho", "to Have"; contributing to the final aév+aécho = I have the Good.


​ We all want to have better health, to eat right, to exercise, not to smoke, not to be stressed and not to get sick. But what is it that determines our health?

What is the main factor which determines how healthy we are and how long we shall live?


Research has shown that our health is determined:

  • 10% by Health Care

  • 16% by Genetic predisposition

  • 21% by the environment we live in

  • 53% by our way of living (Lifestyle)

Well-being constitutes the brightest and widest horizon in the landscape of health. It primarily includes all aspects of physical, psychological, spiritual and social well-being.


Health and Wellness Coaching

Health Coaching is a new service in the area of health, which is changing the traditional model of medical care.


What we have known so far has been the role of the health professional as an authority and the passive taking of instructions by the patient.  Health Coaching acts as a bridge between Diagnosis and Medicine, as it mediates substantially between a patient and their treatment, helping to actively participate in it, fully realize one’s self, needs and personal health goals.


Wellness Coaching is for healthy people who want to alter in a preventive way everyday and harmful habits and reach higher levels of well-being, preventing diseases that may be due to lifestyle.


Based on a "Personal Health and Wellness Plan",  which is formed step by step with the help of Health Coach, the will to change is empowered and options for a more conscious and healthy lifestyle are supported. In this way it is possible to change, with long term and long lasting results.

Lifestyle Medicine. The key to preventing, treating and reversing the progress of chronic diseases

Lifestyle Medicine is a medical discipline that claims that extensive lifestyle changes (including diet, physical activity, stress management, etc.) are aimed at preventing, treating and reversing the development of chronic diseases, addressing their underlying causes.

The Wellness Project

The goal of The Wellness Project is to help you raise awareness, increase motivation and continue to build skills in order to make well-being a daily reality, regardless of your physical potential and functionality.

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