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According to international literature, their action is very subtle, supportive and gentle. It improves peoples’ conscious participation in their health care, self-healing and self-awareness.

Flower remedies therapy is a complementary approach to holistic health, which is based on the idea that the disease of the mind and soul can bring disease to the body. The Bach flower remedies system consists of 38 remedies which come mainly from flowers. Each remedy is associated with a specific emotion. In total, the cures can give more than 9,000,000 combinations which correspond to similar emotional and mental states.


Flower remedies were discovered by Dr. Edward Bach (1886-1936), bacteriologist and physician in the 1930s. Edward Bach had previously practiced homeopathy and had discovered vaccines used to date. As he believed that disease was the result of the establishment of a negative mental state, he devoted himself to the end of his life in the discovery of remedies and the creation of the Bach system. He saw Man as a Whole, as a Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social Being.

Flower remedies are natural preparations that, according to research, have no side effects. They are not poisonous, do not cause addiction and they do not react with any other treatment. They can be taken as a supplement to other treatments such as phytotherapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy, classical medicine and with single use. They are given without peril to babies, children, teenagers, pregnant women, the elderly and even pets. They have been very popular for 80 years around the world. They are used with great success by alternative therapists, doctors, psychologists and by Bach system researchers.


The 38 Remedies in 7 Emotional Groups:

  • Fear

  • Uncertainty

  • Insufficient interest in present circumstances

  • Over-care for the welfare of others

  • Despondency or Despair

  • Loneliness

  • Over-sensitivity to influences and ideas

"Behind every disease are our phobias, our anxieties, our greed; what we like and what we don't like. So let us look deep and heal those and with their cure, the diseases which bother us will go away too."


The cures are selected depending on the character, mood and emotions we have at the time we decide to start taking them.

They complement, enhance and accelerate healing by activating the body's defense mechanism and by balancing negative emotions. They relieve fear, panic, anxiety, depression, insecurity, lack of self-confidence, guilt, etc.; emotions which reduce our vitality.


Flower remedies are not only indicated in case of illness. Promoting patience, leniency and expression of our emotions, they effectively enhance prevention.


Some areas of application of treatment with Bach flower remedies


  • Mental health & empowerment / Increase of dynamism and confidence

  • Increase of mood for personality development / Self-knowledge

  • Constructive management of everyday problems

  • Relieving stress action, thus preventing its harmful effects

  • Supportive in illness, school, relationships, work environment, pregnancy, loss

  • Crisis management & panic situations (smoking, bad relationship with food)

  • Fear management (fear of the dark, fear of airplanes, fear of disease)

  • Harmonization of undesirable behavioral patterns

  • Direction in creativity / Direction in life

  • Supplemental therapy to acute or chronic disease

  • Psychosomatic symptoms treatment, like tachycardia, headache, sleep disorder, nocturnal enuresis, tinnitus, stomach weight, nausea, dizziness, sweating, skin rashes, itchiness

  • Pre-operative and post-operative

  • Yoga practicing and other energy practices

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