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Why choose Health Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine? 

Most contemporary diseases are caused by bad habits of our everyday life, so changes in our lifestyle should be part of any treatment.


We have to understand which habits are those, how they affect us and the fact that medicines and other forms of therapy work in parallel to any lifestyle changes.


Patients, when they realize that changes in lifestyle are required, become committed, motivated and responsible. Alteration of habits leads to long-term therapy, even a reversal of the disease. In the end, deciding to be more healthy costs less than surrendering to disease.


What is the difference between Coaching and Psychotherapy?

Ηealth Coaching is different than having Psychotherapy or going to a Psychologist. Its focus does not lie with past or sources of pain but rather in the future. Coaching is a person-centered approach centered on finding your own solutions and activating one’s own abilities and potential.

What is the difference between Health Coaching and Wellness Coaching?

Health Coaching and Wellness Coaching work in a similar way, however the first addresses people who wish to mend some lifestyle behavior, usually after they have become ill. Thus, it is directed to chronic patients, smokers or people suffering from sleep disorders. Health Coaching in other countries is part of the health system, targeting an enhanced compliance to treatment.


Wellness Coaching is addressed to healthy individuals who wish to improve their overall health and wellness. People, who wish to view themselves as a whole, know any prohibiting behaviors and establish new ones. Essentially, to people who aspire to prevent a possible disease.

If I’m feeling healthy, how can I benefit from a meeting with you?

If you are completely healthy and look for a way to raise your wellness levels, to know yourself and discover possible non-productive behaviors, a meeting and collaboration between us shall help you pinpoint which part of your life needs focusing upon, requires improvement and for which reason. Wellness Coaching by itself or in conjunction to Flower Remedies may grace you with the self-awareness and balance that you seek.


Does Health Coaching include classical medicine treatments?

When it comes to Health Coaching, the “medicine” refers to a change into your lifestyle. One may already receive treatment from their physician and possibly need to adjust to that treatment, concurrently with any lifestyle alterations. What each individual needs, may come up during the coaching itself. For instance, during a Smoking Cessation procedure, the dilemma of using nicotine patches or not shall emerge. The answer for that will be provided within the session, working together with the patient and taking into account all factors.


Can I try Flower Remedies in single use?

Yes, you can. Flower Remedies and Coaching are two services which can work independently.

Which is the duration of a session?

A Coaching session usually lasts for one hour. However, each case is unique. Thus, approaches may be personalized and differentiate. For instance, one may want Coaching for smoking cessation and try flower remedies, while at the same time to dedicate time upon his or her condition. All that will certainly last longer. Such questions will be answered within the first session so we can define the manner of our collaboration.


Can someone combine Health Coaching to classical medicine or alternative therapies? 

Health Coaching can work autonomously and in combination to any method of classical medicine or alternative therapy. It is not considered an alternative therapy.

Does a relationship to a Health Coach have an expiration date or is it for life?

Coaching must have a beginning, a middle phase and an end. The purpose of Health Coaching is to strengthen you, to connect you with your values and your positive side, to teach you to set achievable goals and when you attain those goals, to be able to release them. There may, of course, be a relapse. This is part of the process of change. Your Coach will be there to manage with you any recurrences. However, when a partnership has been established, relapse management can be very short in time. ​


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