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Wellness is not just about health in the strict sense of the word, that is, the absence of disease. On the contrary, it is multi-dimensional and is influenced by all areas of our lives which interact with each other: work, social environment, finances, spiritual and physical condition, emotion, mind and surroundings.


The Wheel of Wellness reminds us that body, mind and spirit are one.


The Wellness Project by Georgina Athousaki was created in order to offer inspiration, ideas and a way to initiate you and help you experience a healthy lifestyle from a holistic point of view, based on your own needs, expectations and goals. 

 All of this through Health & Wellness Coaching and Lifestyle Medicine.


"The Wellness Project” is my way of inspiring and motivating people to become the best version of themselves and to evolve through change, in the long-term and with lasting results."


Georgina Athousaki is a pharmacist, specialized in Lifestyle Medicine,  a certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Bach Flower Remedies Consultant and a health and wellness columnist.


Are you ready to use your potential? Are you ready to change?

Find your own way to health and wellness. Define your own Wellness Project.


"Flower remedies are capable, like beautiful music or any other strikingly empowering thing which inspires us, to elevate our nature and bring us closer to our soul."
Dr Bach


"When I tried them, the benefit was spectacular. The Bach system helped me recognize my emotions and ameliorate them. A session enhances understanding and promotes self-knowledge, while the flower remedies bring you back to balance. I managed to reclaim control of my emotions and alter my behaviors profoundly."


Georgina Athousaki is a consultant for Bach Flower Remedies. This is a complementary approach to holistic health, which is based on the idea that disease of the mind and soul can bring disease to the body.

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